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Police Protective Uniform

Art No#: 21010

This product is composed of the following parts:
Art.21011(Trunk protector)
This mainly composed of 2 layers,
1-Outer hard poly carbonate plastic plates both at front and back.
2-Shock absorbing padded layer.

1-Outermost front and back plates m/o Hard poly carbonate plastic provides extensive protection and resistance to the external violence. These plates are easily attachable (and detachable) with the suit with the help of Velcro. Front plate is anatomically curved to provide maximum protection to chest & abdomen. Both front & back armour plates has developed stregthing features against outer strike.
2-Shock absorbing padded layer is made of 2 materials, thermopole & eva foam. Eva foam is firmly glued on both sides of thermopole and Stretchable Lycra is pasted on outer side of this layer. Its thickness is 15-17mm.
This layer is distributed with multi shaped pads which provides easy mobility & closliness to the body. Outer hard plastic plates can be detached when needed and internal protection can be wear without outer plastic plates.

21013 biceps & forearm protectors set
Biceps protector is composed of hard poly carbonate shell with adjustable eva rubber on inner which is covered with polyester lining.
Elbow and forearm protector is also composed of the same composition of biceps protectors.
Both protectors are joined with adjustable plastic hook & web straps. Both protectors are provided elastic straps with Velcro to attach firmly with arm.

21014 (Thigh, groin and pelvis protector)
Outer thigh shells of made of hard poly carbonate plastic. Eva foam covered with polyester fabric and sewed on internal side of thigh protectors. Adjustable Elastic straps to attach pelvis & groin protectors.
Groin protector is m/o hard plastic base and foam outside it attached with pelvis protector through Nylon web and plastic buckles.

21015 (knee & shin protector)
Shells of knee & shin protector m/o hard poly carbonate plastic.
Internally stitched eva foam with polyester mesh, elastic straps with Velcro to perfect fit, detachable and adjustable protector for ankle joint and foot roof.

Total Weight of the Suit is 4.500 kgs per unit.

1 Suit is packed in box or as advised by the buyer.
Note: Special Packing bag available on request only.

Packing Dimension:
(L)54.0 (W)54.0 (H)23.0cm

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